The vision

At the beginning, the idea was to develop a completely new, forward-looking, modular furniture system. One that would fulfill all our requirements on seating both today and tomorrow. Such a system must be suitable for all areas of our daily life and offer sufficient flexibility to always enable a contemporary, tailor-made system solution to all room situations.

Living space changes. Our society must take on new challenges every day and reorient itself. System furniture must be adaptable to these changing conditions and stand up to changing times. The multi-faceted needs of flexibility, functionality and variability are just as important as good design with a high aesthetic appeal. This is the only way to ensure the long service life of a product, whilst always taking account of sustainability and the resources of our world.

The System

modul21 is a multi-functional seating system in modular construction, which sets no limits on your imagination in the planning and arrangement—made possible by the structure.

In its basis structure, modul21 consists of individual cushion modules. The width and depth of these are always subject to the same grid size. Using a bearing frame system made of aluminum developed exclusively for modul21, these modules can be combined with each other at will. This structure enables modules of any kind to be combined together virtually without end. Countless options are produced by the ability to freely decide the place at which a seat, a backrest, an armrest or a deposit surface is to be included. This unique flexibility allows the system to be deployed practically anywhere, regardless of whether you require a simple bench stool or room-dividing furniture with acoustic elements as a central zone. If the room situation changes, the furniture can be adapted without problem.

The design

There are different philosophies and ways of looking at design. There is no one fits all solution. There are various tastes and different preferences.

But what is good design and how is it created?

At this point, I can only portray my own views and experience gained from 25 years of designing furniture as a profession. As far as I’m concerned, good design must be exactly as contemporary in 10 years’ time as it is today.

The idea behind it should always comprise a new conceptional approach, wherever possible, which is expressed through the design.

Otherwise keep it simple …
Basically, as straightforward as possible …

If simple, unpretentious forms can be proportioned and arranged in such a way that something new and holistic is created, this not only means justification, but also very much signifies the potential to be contemporary for a long time.

Each type of system requires a clear structure. Even better if the structure becomes a part of the arrangement at the same time and both blend in seamlessly with each other.

It is the eternal search for perfection that drives us on to continually give things new forms. At the end of the day, it is almost always the modest forms which last the longest. Architecture realized this long ago. The arrangement of simple, clear, reduced forms in clear structures. That makes them the classics of tomorrow at a very early date.

Volker Reichert

Dipl. Designer